How To Raise Chicken in Coops

Raising Chickens At Home

Some Cool Ideas for Making Your Own Chicken Coop written by: happyjoy People engage in rearing chicken for different reasons. You just have to look around. The best farming chickens ideas can be found here:

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Some keep the birds as a hobby while most rear them for food or for commercial purposes. Regardless of the motivation for rearing chicken, a well-constructed chicken coop is necessary. A good chicken coop will ensure that your chickens are kept comfortable and you reap maximum returns from your venture. Ready-made chicken houses can be purchased from carpenters, but it is more fun to build your own chicken coop or at the very least have a carpenter design a coop that suits your taste and preference.Before embarking on constructing a chicken coop, you might need to consider these facts on how to make a chicken coop.a.

Find shade- Build your chicken coop in a shaded area. This will ensure that the coop is shielded from the rigors of weather that include heavy rains, scorching sun, and string winds. The shade will also help in regulating the temperature in the coop by ensuring that sunlight streams to the coop in a regulated fashion.b. Elevate the coop to about 3 feet above the ground- Propping the coop above the ground will ensure that you protect your structure from getting dump. Further, an elevated chicken coop will afford protection to your flock as rodents and other predators are kept at bay. Furthermore, a raised chicken coop will help ease the cleaning of the structure.c. Provide sufficient lighting- When building the coop for you flock, you need to ensure that the interior of the coop is sufficiently illuminated. You might need to invest a little in getting bulbs that cast a warm glow. This type of illumination will ensure that your flock is kept warm during winter and that the short winter days are compensated for. Additionally, the warm glow will also ensure that the egg production is not affected during winter.d.

Provide roosting perches and nesting boxes – Ensure that your coop has roosting perches provided for the chickens. These perches will serve as their sleeping and resting area. Additionally, provide nesting boxes for the hens. Nesting boxes padded with dry straw or wood shavings will provide a cozy laying place for the hens.e. Make your coop predator-proof- Chickens are prey to predators that include foxes, opossums, cats, and raccoons. Making your coop using predator-proof hardware will ensure that all predators are kept at bay. Always ensure that you lock up your chicken coop at night.

This will safeguard your stock from all nocturnal critters. f. Provide a safe free-range area for your flock- Chickens need an outdoor space in which they will play and run around. You can use sturdy hardware cloth to make a safe enclosure for your chickens. This enclosure will prevent the flock from wandering into your garden and wreaking havoc while at the same time protecting them from predators.g. Ventilate your chicken coop – Ensure that your chickens coop is properly ventilated to prevent the chickens from falling ill. You can achieve this by installing vents which allow free flow of air in and out of the coop.

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